What is FPV Drone Racing


FPV stands for First person view, also called as remote person view. This technique is also known as video piloting which control a drone from pilot’s view.

Drone racing is competition that compete different types of FPV drones. Competitors designing fast powerful devices that can fly in excellent speed.

Main focus on buying a drone is that drone much be light so that it won’t lose momentum and speed. Light weight drones are easier to handle and faster.

Drone racing is a popular trend currently. Tournaments are held in many countries all over the world. To enter a drone racing tournament purchasing a better device is advantageous.

FPV drone can be built at home by purchasing motors, motor frame and propellers. There are so many types of drones that can be used in FPC drone racing. Studying technology and considering the feature you need for your drone take times but will build a quality device. Devices with light weight, motors have good performance can be selected by the competitor only which make the device more familiarize for using. Even there is an issue arise when using the device in the tournament, competitor can check and fix the issue. Winning FPV drones are mostly are built by their owners as they can add new technologies and upgrade the device till they win tournaments. To win in racings competitor can join racing classes first. To build a unique FPV drone competitor must carefully select aircraft kit, RC controller and Flight controller and FPV gear.

FPV Racing drone include Video camera which displays videos on video goggles or a monitor live displays video.

Flight controller is the control system of the drone. Drone which are smaller and light weight are more durable prone to less accidents. When building a drone consider the weight of components of the kit such as frame, motors, battery, landing gear. Drone races usually less than five minutes and batteries last long same.

Most Popular Drone Names among FPV drone racers

If you are going to buy a device for drone racing they consider below mentioned devices.

1.         Blade Inductrix FPV – This is best device for beginners who enter to the racing field. Price is low and easy to handle.

2.         Eachine Wizard X220 – It is for intermediate skill competitors, which are ready to fly and affordable with price, it is can be enters for 250 class events.

3.         Vortex 250 PRO – Super fast, light weight device also expensive device used by mostly experts and experience competitors and can be repair very easily.

Other FPV racing drones price ranges below $1000,

BFught 210, Hubsan H107D FPV X4, Furibee Fuuton 200, Diatone Tyrant S, Team BlackSheep TBC Vendetta, Hubsan X4 Brushless FPV Qaurd

There are competitions types for FPV drone races.

  1. Rotor cross – group of competitors’ race at same time and who pass the finish line first will be the winner.
  2. Time Trail – Drone runs alone and drone which has the shortest time to cross the finish line will be the winner.
  3. Drag Race – Distance around 100 meters and the competitor who accelerates fastest over short distance.

To get into drone racing it will cost around $200 minimum and can purchase RTF (ready to fly drone) around $200 such as Blade Inductrix. It has onboard camera with live feed video display with good RC controller.

Why getting a Drone license is important?

Before fly a drone there is a need for the remote pilot certification also called as drone license. In legal standards by taking exam anyone can be commercial licensed drone pilots. This drone license is important when someone making money with it. Before taking the drone license its better to follow drone training course.

To learn more about FPV drone racing there are blogs and local meetups in many countries. Have fun and learn new technologies, share knowledge are main purposes of these meetups and tournaments.


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