PUBG vs Call of Duty Mobile


Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG) is a popular game which makes news lately.

PUBG in 2018, has received many awards and nominations within 8 months after release.

 Tencent Mobiles have introduced call of duty mobile brings a competition to PUBG. Call of duty mobile has 100 player battle royale mode which will challenge PUBG.

Let’s compare PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile games features

  • Player Classes – PUBG unable to choose players which call of duty mobile brings various ranges of players in the battle which can be select from six classes in royale mode.
  • Mechanic – In Call of Duty Mobile players get a EMP Drone to interfere other opponents’ electrical gadgets as well as able to look for traps, vehicles.
  • Defender – COD Players get a shield for protection from various kinds of attacks.
  • Scout – COD Sensor dart which allows players to locate enemy locations and also able to track down the footprints.
  • Medic – Players in call of duty mobile gets a medical station so that they can heal themselves and other allies also allows to heal faster and revive.
  • Clown – COD players have special ability to call to zombies to attack other players and able to equipped with Toy Bomb to distract zombies.
  • Play Solo or Group – COD allows players to play solo or play with partners or group up with a team of four players in battle royale mode.
  • Ninja – COD player can get a grapple gun to climb mountains and move around areas faster in hidden mode.
  • Graphics – Call of duty mobile has great graphics in the game compared to PUBG. People with high capacity devices tends to attract to call of duty game because of the graphics of the game. But in most countries not everyone has high capacity devices and PUBG works fine in mid-range mobiles. This will keep some audience intact with PUBG.

            Call of duty mobile has more detailed menus and intros which look and feels as military     game where PUBG looks like a survival FPS title.

  • Controls – Call of duty tops PUBG on this area as COD have excellent controls and gameplay elements.
  • Vehicles – Call of duty has various rang of vehicles such as helicopters than in PUBG.

There will be different types of vehicles such helicopter and ATVs and rafts to travel safely across territories.

  • Shooting – PUBG has only one method of shooting. Where COD has two methods shooting one is where gun aims down on sight and shooting starts automatically when player press shoot button. Second method is gun automatically starts fire when cross hair place on enemy player. This feature differently attracts users to COD compared to PUBG.

In the battleground in COD player get a knife default as first weapon.

  • Maps – COD has most popular maps like Nuketown, Killhouse, Hijack,Crash  where PUBG has only four big maps. 
  • Storage – COD requires more memory storage and faster processor and good graphics and faster internet on phone to run smoothly, Where PUBG manage less memory space and average internet speed.
  • Story – Call of duty has two main modes which are STORY MODE and Battle Royale Mode.

PUBG is very popular with battle royale mode. PUBG is available in both FPP (first-person perspective) and TPP (third-person perspective) mode where COD available in only FPP mode. PUBG give the player with casual dressed player avatar where COD represent a solider with complete army avatar and background resemble a military setup.

PUBG or COD which is better?  Comparing these PUBG and COD is never easy as they have different features for different objectives but concept seemed similar. Depends on the user requirements and resources available one of the game will be most suitable for players.


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