Huawei google ban issue How will it affect your android phone?


Big news on technology world is google ban on Huawei mobile phones. Experts have been warning Huawei company on the issue for more than a year, which has a huge impact on china’s economy. United states’ president has declared that Huawei company have used their mobile phones to collect sensitive data from United States of America. Trump administrative has blacklist the Huawei company, suspecting they have steal T-Mobile robot arm classified information and selling their technology to Iran. Us government haven’t revealed exact reason why they consider Huawei as a threat.

Huawei is ranked as the second largest mobile phone. It’s unconfirmed whether this issue due to trade war between china and USA or security issue. China have become solid country by enhancing technologies and strengthening military forces. US government won’t stand still just letting another country being powerful than them.

By Considering the statement issued by President Trump, google have talked with Huawei company management to halt the process of providing google services to Huawei.

Broadcom, Qualcomm and Intel companies who sold Huawei microchips and hardware parts won’t be able to sell their products to manufacture Huawei mobile phones.

Google will only support for Huawei mobile phones which are already exist in the market.

New version such as P30 version, Mate 20 Pro version and P30 Pro version won’t get google services and products such as android OS, play store, or Gmail.

And any Huawei mobile phones won’t get android updates in future.  But Android company have confirmed they will provide services for existing mobile phones and future devices will have to use Google OS’s open source version which doesn’t have access to google apps and services. This ban on American companies leads Huawei to face difficulty in receiving hardware, technical and software services directly. Even Non – US companies’ chipmaker Arm in UK has halt doing business with Huawei as some technology developed in US.

Huawei and china government have response to this ban by assuring their customer that they have an alternative operating system and they have been preparing for this issue. Huawei founder has stated to media that they will replace US developed chips with their own chips. Jeremy Thompson who is  executive vice president in the U.K, Huawei  states that “We have been making a plan for this possible outcome,” in an interview to the BBC.

Upcoming new Huawei mobile phones will no longer be able to install WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram apps. But existing phones will be able to use social media apps without an issue.

In response to this treating Huawei has forced many restrictions on their employees. Huawei ordered their employees not to participate U.S Meeting and sent back American citizen who worked in their firms in research and development areas.

China won’t face much of a trouble by banning of google and Facebook because they have alternatives such as search engine Baidu and WeChat for messaging purpose. But globally new version of Huawei mobile series won’t be much popular without google store apps, Facebook, WhatsApp and Google Chrome search engine.

US – China Trade War has imposed tariffs on products continuously. China export thousands type of products to US for a cheaper rate. People tends to purchase those products rather than local or European products. China products and services have spread across the global and the trade war between US and China directly impact on global economy and can destroy lots of companies and lose thousands of jobs of employees work under those companies.  If this Trade war continues to progress in terms of showing their power between these two countries this may lead to a break down in global economy in a near future.


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