How to Earn Money at home ?


How to Earn Money at home ?

There are many more ways to earn money online No need to have special knowledge everyone can Learn.

You Need Only Good Internet Connection and a PC. But People Don’t What are the Earning Sources??

Now I,m going to tell you 11 ways to earn Money Through Internet..


Forex is a Money Exchange Market. If you can Learn about it You can earn up to any amount you need.

Ex – Tickmill / FXCM / ICMarket / IQ Option


Fiver is a one of the best market People use If You have any special knowledge you can sell it on fiverr. If you have a good knowledge / skill you can sell it here

Ex –  Graphic Designing / Software Development / Content Writing


Ebay is the world largest Online market place. You can buy or Sell anything here. First of all you need identify the market and do a research after that you will know what to sell.

After creating a seller account, you can start to sell your items.


Amazon is Most likely to EBay. But there is many Genuine Items. And different Customer Service.

After creating a seller account, you will be able to sell on amazon.

05.Crypto currency

 Try to learn about Mining techniques.

06.Sell Photos on Different Web Sites

Ex – Shutter Stock / 500px / Photo Shelter

07.Affiliate marketing

There are many affiliate marketing web sites. If you have a blog, you can earn using that option
if not try it by creating a web site.

Ex- Amazon Affiliate Marketing / Commission juction

08.Buy and Sell Domain Names

If you think some domain name value will be high in future, you can buy and sell it for a reasonable price.


YouTube is a good way to earn while you sleep. After you creating a YouTube channel you need to reach 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch hours. After that you will be able to monetize using Google AdSense.

10.Create your own Web Site or Blog to Share Knowledge or News

You can share your Knowledge using your web site or Blog. If you can get more Organic Traffic You will be able to earn money after Google Adsense Approval.

11. Start Ecommerce Web Site

If you are new to Ecommerce Business. First of all, try research the market. Learn something         from them. Create web site using Word press or your Desired Programming Language. And connect a good payment gate way. try to rank keywords on search engines. Try to do SEO.

After that automatically your web site traffic will be ok If you can do different marketing campaigns that will be a good turning point.

Advice – Please Don’t try to Copy Other People Content or work try to do your own Genuine Thing. Success is Achievable.

Thanks for Reading my article I hope you have learnt Something from my article. If you need to know more about E money earning techniques. Please Leave Message in the comment section I will reply you as soon as possible. Thanks. For Reading Have Great Day.

Time is Limited Don’t Waste it !!!


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