American Express Travel Insurance Plans and Guidance 2019

American Express Travel Insurance

Travelling is the world’s best hobby. Do you know there are amazing locations which you need to cover at least once in your lifetime? But, how can visit all around the world without proper protection for your health, life and loved ones? We know, all the things in this world are uncertain. You can meet any of the accidents or unexpected issues at any time. Therefore, it is better to ready for those moments when you planning your journey itself. The secure journey depends upon the agency you selected for the travel and also the insurance plan you reserved for the travel. The American Express travel insurance is the best plan to ask from your agent along with their travel plan. If not, you also can create your own insurance plan through the official site. Let’s explore how to avail it and also how to modify the plans you have already reserved.

How to avail an American Express travel insurance plan?

First of all, you have to visit the official site, next; there is a simple application to fill by inserting the date of arrival and departure, the number of travellers and their ages along with the state and total travel cost. Once you complete this small questionnaire, you can ask for a quote or you can proceed to make your own plan. Creating your own plan is based on your economic status and the expectations while the quota will select by the website itself.

The quota will suggest four different packages named basic, silver, gold and platinum. Each plan will differ from its claims. The medical coverage, the trip cancellation and accident and baggage protection are the few beneficiaries in these different packages. If you reserve higher value insurance, you can claim for more coverages.

American insurance travel insurance for other credit cards

Once you select the package, you have to complete the payment via credit card. It is not mandatory to have an American Express card to avail it. It means you can reserve it via any of other credit cards which are having supporting credit limit.

Still, you have chances to change your plan!

You can customize your insurance plans at anytime prior to the journey. This is important in reserving a plan for another person without discussing in between each other or when you changing your destination. However, keep in mind, you could not be able to modify or refund your credits after starting your trip. Therefore, make sure to arrange your requirements when planning the insurance or within a one week after planning it to prevent unnecessary burdens.

What if you are planning a journey outside the US?

The insurance plans are valid for most of the countries all around the world which obey the regulations of the company. Therefore, you have chances to avail these benefits for other destinations as well. But, mostly this facility is valid for few states of the US.

The outline

Even though travelling is the most important hobby in the world, it is not suitable to travel without excellent safety measures. American Express travel insurance is one of the best ways to avail all these benefits for you. Stay updated with us to collect more information on this to have happy journies forever. We will offer more details in the next writings!


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