All you need to know about Dota 2


Have you ever seen a good quality multiplayer online battle arena video game? Dota 2 is such a fantabulous, adventurous, good quality multiplayer online battle field video game. The game was brought forward and published by Valve Co­-operation and the designers were IceFrog, the original Defense of the Ancient mod. This was begun in 2009, after Valve Corporation hired the IceFrog in order to create a modernized remake for them in the source game engine. The game was officially out on 9th July 2013 for Microsoft windows and on 18th July 2013 for OS X and Linux based personal computers.

More interesting facts about Dota 2

This video game has consequences with Defense of The Ancients (DotA). It was a mod created by community for Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft 3: reign of chaos and its expansion pack ‘The Frozen Throne’. The game consisted of two parties. There should be at least ten users in order to play the game. And each team should contain 5 members. These members should protect and secure their own base which was mentioned on the map from their opposing team. And another specialty in this game is that each player should choose a powerful character who was known by the name, ‘hero’. And this hero is independently controlled by each of the ten players.

Dota Heroes possess unique abilities and talents and they are differently engaged in playing. In order to defeat their opposing team, players should collect experience points and items for their heroes. Dota Heroes can be categorized in to two groups according to the role they are playing in the game. They are ‘carry’ and ‘support’. Carries has another name called ‘cores’. They seem to be weak and vulnerable in the beginning of the match, but towards the end of the match they are the ones who lead their team to the victory pillar. They can carry their team towards triumph.

Supports are different than carries. Their function in the match is quite altered. Supports can’t deal with heavy damages. So they support the carries for some basic things such as providing healing and other stuffs.

Is that all about Dota 2? Nope!

Players can select their Dota hero in a pre-game drafting phase. There, the team players can discuss and do the match ups when selecting their heroes. And the other important thing is heroes cannot be switched in the middle of the game. If they chose a hero at the beginning, he would be there hero throughout the entire match, though the player understood that their choice of selecting the hero was wrong.

And also once the hero was chosen, they are removed from the drafting pool so that those heroes are being unavailable for all the other players. These Dota heroes possess four abilities related to fighting. Heroes begin each game with an experience level of one by having just one ability, but later on, they develop the abilities too and when they reached their best approach, we call it as the ‘ultimate’. The Dota 2 game winner is the team who destroys the large structure situated in the opposing team’s base which is known by the name ‘Ancient’.


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